LETTER TO THE EDITOR: For every Trump victory, media posts hundreds of attacks


Mr. J.K. Corson: Noted how you pretend to want the President to have a fair trial (impeachment) as you decry the impact wealth has on public perception. Where was your fuss when the Dems did their thing in the House? Where was your fuss when the press posted lies and half-truths about Trump that fed this idiocy frenzy foisted on the American people? 

Note as well how the fairly late entry of two Democrat billionaires into the race seems not to offend you much? While true Trump may not always be right, at least his deviations have never attacked the foundations of our great nation unlike the Dems now perping this pile.

The issue you seem to want to address is how the press is influenced by those movers behind the scenes. As if the press and Dems are not really one in the same. Just saying as I always have — when the press reverts back to what we were taught in high school decades ago (not now — seems schools have no idea how to allow the opposing view to be expressed) we as Americans then can, after getting the truth, make rational decisions rather than getting piled upon until the stench makes us stand up to see what’s going on. 

The press is the issue — for every one thing Trump does right — it posts hundreds attacking him, like the pile the Dems perped so long about illegal kids in dog cages. That was an Obama administration issue.

David Duncan