LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Factual reasons why Trump should be impeached


This is a response to a recent post where David Duncan called me out to list facts to support that Trump should be impeached, and that the Democrats saved our Democracy when they won the House in 2018.

Fact 1: Before the Democrats gained power over the House, Trump was not held responsible (checks and balance system) by Speaker Ryan as a separate and equal body of the government. Since then, the Democrats have made arguments about his behavior and policies, even charging and impeaching him for his behavior and violations of the Rule of Law. The Constitution gives Congress the power to make laws, oversight responsibilities, and power over spending. Under Pelosi, they have assumed those responsibilities and embraced them to check the president.

Fact 2: The Mueller Report listed 10 or 11 instances where President Trump obstructed justice. This was shown on national television last year.

Fact 3: The witnesses who gave sworn testimony before Congress about three months ago, on national television, for the impeachment inquiry against President Trump, were corroborated and unrefuted by Republicans. 

Fact 4: The House of Representatives voted, in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, to charge President Trump with Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress.

Fact 5: The president ordered Mike Pompeo, Mick Mulvaney, John Bolton, Russell Vought, Rick Perry and others to defy congressional subpoenas.

Fact 6: President Trump has lied more than 15,500 times in about 1,098 days to the American people — 14 lies a day. Who can trust anything this president says or does?

Fact 6: Mr. Duncan, how can you, our allies or anyone else believe/trust a president whose administration is built on nothing but lies? If you answer “I can!,” you are one who can’t see for your own shadow.

For the reasons stated above, Mr. Duncan, and others like him, will never be convinced to see things in a progressive and positive light for all citizens of this country. He only sees things from the past in a rearview mirror where only whites had all the power and were in the majority. Mr. Duncan, times are changing in this country, and fast. If you do not adjust, you will be left behind wondering what happened, and Donald Trump will not be around to help you.

Amos L. Kirkpatrick


NOTE: This letter was edited for space.