Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats came up with a strategy that will force congressional Republicans to make an early decision to support Trump or the USA.

The strategy used by the Democrats were two-fold: (1) schedule an early vote in the House on rules to further the impeachment inquiry on allegations against Trump, and (2) delay any obstruction by the Republicans and Trump Administration until later to prevent the impeachment investigation from getting bogged down in the courts — which was a major goal of the Trump Administration — so the impeachment process would not be completed before the 2020 election.  These two acts checked arguments by Republicans’ whining about the impeachment process, plus, they gave rules to govern how the substance (facts) of the investigation would be presented to the public in the next stage of the inquiry.

This strategy by Pelosi was a smart move. It showed her seriousness about the future of this country, and her intellect in crafting a plan to get around the systematic obstruction of justice by Trump — and his enablers, the Republicans. The Republicans are forced early to make a decision to be patriots of this country, or criminals for aiding and abetting Trump.

Well done, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats! Your country owes you a debt of gratitude. You may have saved our democracy!

Amos Kirkpatrick