I would not draw any conclusions or make any predictions based on the results of the recent Anniston Star’s DeAnniston Survey. The survey was hardly random or scientific. Just as the Chicago Daily Tribune headline, “Dewey Defeats Truman,” was based on a bias of surveying people who had telephones in 1948, not many registered voters had telephones unless they were Republicans living in large metropolitan areas, the Star’s survey excluded far too many of the residents of Ward 4.

By questioning only Star subscribers and performing the survey by mail, The Star excluded a big dark hole of residents in Ward 4. Who knows what the responses to the questionnaire would be for those living in Ward 4 but do not subscribe to The Star? Most of the people in Ward 4 have telephones, probably cellphones, too. And, they probably vote Republican. A random telephone survey of Ward 4 and all Anniston residents would have yielded truer results of the opinions of Ward 4 residents as to deAnnistoning.

I would not print any headlines stating “Ward 4 Defeats Anniston” based on the DeAnniston survey.

G.M. Wigley