LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democrat end-of-the-year impeachment gift


What if the impeachment of the current president is successful? Democrats would give America a pro-life, pro-religious rights, pro-American business, pro-immigration law, Mike Pence. He represents the same political values of Trump, with less of the sin-filled personality drama.

Mike Pence has spoken up about some of Trump’s immoral comments; he brokered the cease fire with Turkey. Among other positive qualities, he continues to uphold the sacredness of life, religion, traditional family, work and social order.

If Trump is impeached according to the accusations, we get Pence as president. If Trump is not impeached, the president will have even more fodder for his campaign speeches and we still get Pence as vice president for another term. After that, he could still run for president for two more terms.

The harder the Democrats push this questionable elitist impeachment process the more independent voters who defend the office of the president as well as judicial fairness for all, will support the Republicans. But the Democrats do not have the patience or poise to wait for the next election and let the American people decide. They want Trump out on their terms, before the election. 

Thank you, Democrats, for potentially providing the electorate with the opportunity to vote for Pence.

Cornelius Hegeman