I feel hurt and saddened personally by the proposal being pushed by the Forward 4 All organization. Not only have I lived in Anniston since I was born some 89-plus years ago, but I am proud to be a great-grandson of one of its founders, Samuel Noble. I feel that this proposal is an insult to him and all of those who worked so hard to build this city and make it grow and flourish. They would be hurt to know that people who it has nourished and served would now desert and destroy it, even though not intentionally. This is what Phillip Tutor pointed out in his recent article in The Star.

I was taught that if you have a problem or condition that needs resolving to try to find a solution rather than give up and run away from it. If property values are your problem, try to work with city leaders to correct the problem, not dump it in somebody else’s lap and take the easy way out. Anniston certainly has more than its share of problems like many other cities, but if you really care about Anniston, help it. Don’t hurt it.

I would like to know why some residents of Ward 4 were not consulted or advised of this plan before it was submitted for action, or is this organization some sort of secret club? Why weren’t there some public meetings, or was it intentionally kept secret from the rest of Ward 4 residents since we will be affected by it? There are many things to be considered, such as having to change your address on all of your bills, credit cards, legal documents, which may be time-consuming, and is just one of many. What about people, like myself, who just don’t want to leave Anniston?

As has already been pointed out by Mr. Tutor and others, how is Anniston going to be able to maintain such things as the Anniston Museum complex, public library, hiking and bicycle trails? And would this move affect the federal courthouse deal?

Although I seldom agree with Mr. Ben Little, even though everybody may deny it, this plan will certainly be considered to be racist by many since that is a popular word being used by everyone now. It certainly has a lot to make it look that way. Also, the Ward boundaries have certainly been gerrymandered to include mostly the affluent.

Bottom line, property values are important, but with a little cooperation and effort from everyone, that can be changed. This simply is a bad idea for everyone concerned, even the proponents if they look at the big picture. I sincerely hope Sen. Del Marsh takes a hard look at this from all of his constituents’ standpoints and remember that he represent all of them, and not just the few, and takes action to kill this Act now, before it goes any further.

Let’s work together, not against each other.

Lowndes Butler