LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dangerous drivers should be ticketed


We have drivers on our roads who either don’t know the laws or don’t care about the safety of other drivers. Just the other day as I traveled from the 202 bypass across to join Highway 431, it was pouring down rain, my wife and I counted over 30 vehicles approaching us with no lights on. This was late in the afternoon around 3 or 4 p.m. Some of the vehicles were of dark color and blended in with the color of the pavement so you could not see them very well. 

The state law requires you must have either headlights or running lights on when it is raining. Either these drivers didn’t care or didn’t know the laws. Same for those who drive without turning their headlights on. State law is, when the sun sets, you must turn your headlights on even if you can still see well enough to drive. I notice this almost every day. These are the type of drivers the state troopers and other law-enforcement officers should ticket to remind them of the laws and maybe this will save someone’s life down the road.

Curtis Ivey