LETTER TO THE EDITOR: County Commissioner Hodges clarifies statement about jail renovation


On Jan. 28, the Calhoun County Commission met with our local state legislators to provide them with an update in regard to our plans with the county jail. This meeting was strictly informational; that is to say, it was not a funding request, rather it was the commission keeping the legislature in the loop as to our future jail plans. 

This is something I wanted to clear up after Star Writer Tim Lockette misportrayed the meeting as a request for funding that fell apart. Mr. Lockette emphasized a quote wherein I said the project would go forth “with or without” state funding. This quote was misrepresented; what I was trying to convey was the notion that the county is prepared to move forward with the jail renovation. By no means was this meant to indicate that we do not desire assistance from our partners at the state level, especially in the event they are able to provide us with assistance. 

We have a great working relationship with our state legislators, and the commission in its entirety wholeheartedly thanks our legislators for all the hard work and support they provide to us. In the future, I would encourage the Star to perhaps run its conceptualization of a story by those involved in the story. That way, they can ensure that what their writers take away from a situation is what truly occurred in said situation.

Commissioner Tim Hodges and Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade