LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Career politicians keeping Alabama near bottom


I find it sad as a citizen of this state. I find it sad that every politician we have voted in office and keep in office has not done anything for the state. We rank anywhere between 50th and 47th, depending on which poll you look at, in health care, education, mental health — pretty much every important thing that would benefit the residents. 

We have an unconstitutional prison system, a criminal justice system that is a catalyst for the unconstitutional prison system, we have the most debilitating sex offender registration scheme in the country. And who has had all the time to fix this whole thing? Why it couldn’t be the politicians we keep putting in office promising change in the state, could it? No, they decided to make tougher laws and keep making overboard sex offender laws, forget fixing the prisons. 

Who has had ample time to make things easier for ex-felons of any crime to re-enter society and prove a change and provide for their families instead of bringing down their families and the economy? We as citizens are not much better because we must believe the same way. Not a family member has went to their local and district politicians and said “I think we need to change some things” or “my kids are not getting the education they were getting in the school system we lived in before we moved here.” 

No parent of a sexually abused inmate brought the state up on charges to hold them accountable. But if you sexually assault someone outside prison, the state would make sure justice was served, or a murder victim’s family will see someone pay for their crime. But when it’s the state, they are hypocritical and the federal government has to step in before they admit a problem. 

We expect the politicians in office now to fix things they had ample time to change or make better and they say, no, we like things just where they are. There is always an Alabama solution. Politicians like Cam Ward, Kay Ivey have turned a blind eye to all of this until now. And we vote them back into office. All we care about is Alabama football, and soon the only ones that can play will be kids from states that actually take care of their residents.

Donald Haywood