While I am not involved in Anniston’s problems, I am interested in what happens to my county seat. I am hopeful that what happens will be best for Anniston. 

It does not appear to me that Oxford wants Ward 4 and will work to block the proposed bill and, in the final analysis, I believe Sen. Marsh will allow it to die even if he does not actively oppose it.

With Mr. Glen Ray actively supporting the idea of Ward 4 going its own way, they should be able to get a vote to simply deannex the area and start their own city. Why not? They will have the revenue to do it and they certainly have the leadership available to sell the idea. I don’t know Mr. Reddick, but I am Ben Little’s friend and know he has the smarts to run Anniston. It would not be easy with less income, but without the rancor and division to deal with, I have every confidence Ben would be a splendid leader; he had a successful military career and is completely capable of doing a good job.

Let all parties pray to God that the residents of all areas of Anniston will benefit from this movement.

Tom Shelton