LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Baby Trump balloon slasher thinks he took stab at ‘evil’


The man who slashed the Baby Trump balloon defended his actions last Monday morning on a radio talk show as "taking a stand against evil." Of course he did. To him, the balloon is a symbol of all that is wrong with America.

This is a conflict between value systems. His values, and almost all Trump supporters' values, are what is called “authoritarian.”

He, and they, see this balloon, and all attacks on President Trump, as embodying the things that attack their fundamental values: lack of respect for the office of the president, lack of respect for this president in particular, license to criticize and humiliate the number-one authority figure in the world with impunity, implied support for everything this president has selflessly worked 24 hours a day to save us from — immigrants; Sharia Law; confiscatory taxes on the hard-earned wealth of our moral superiors, the super-rich; gun confiscation — which is both symbolic castration and literally stripping us of our only defense against an adversarial and out-of-control government; being the laughingstock of the world for our weakness; the shame of having had a Negro president; the near-disaster of almost having a female president. ...

Yes, to them it is a battle between Good and Evil.

Richard Phelps