LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Auto Custom Carpets, Inc. has origins in Anniston


After the article came out about our move to Oxford, I felt that some clarification was needed as it stated that the business was started in Alexandria. Auto Custom Carpets, Inc. was founded by Jack Holland in Anniston in 1977. The business started on J Street. After the fourth addition to that building was completely filled to capacity, Mr. Holland bought a building on Alexandria-Wellington Road in Alexandria. That purchase was in 1982. The next building that Auto Custom Carpets expanded into was on Powell Street. That purchase was in 1983.

Our main product is replacement car carpet. By the very nature of our business, we have a huge number of molds. We have molds for most American-made cars, trucks and SUVs as well as Toyota, Honda and Nissan dating from the mid-1950s to within a few years of the current model year. We also make floor mats, trunk mats and sound deadeners.

In 1990, we purchased the old Anniston Electric building at 1429 Noble St. and remodeled it for our corporate offices. Our office had been in a concrete block house on J Street. In 1994, we purchased the old Samson Cordage building on South Noble and moved out of the building on J Street.

Since we had run out of room, our plan was to purchase the property on 3rd Street where Alabama Gas had its service department before they moved it to McClellan. We were going to build a new building on that property and have it attached to the Samson building. Mayor Jack Draper was extremely helpful in helping us plan on building there. However, the city engineer informed us that we could not build on that property nor could we add on to our existing building because it was in a flood way and nothing could be built that would impede the flow of flood water. Mayor Draper informed us that there was sufficient land at McClellan if we wanted to build a new building. But then the Hager building in Oxford became available, and, even though we were going to have to put a large amount of capital into that building to get it ready for our needs, it was still going to be much cheaper than a new building.

Auto Custom Carpets has always been an Anniston business. Mr. Holland grew up in Anniston. In fact, our corporate colors are red and black like the Anniston High School’s colors. We will continue to be a good corporate citizen of Anniston until we are able to make the move to Oxford, which we hope will be three years or less. 

Ken Howell

President & CEO

Auto Custom Carpets, Inc.