I am excited that the Anniston City Council is considering the strengthening of its licensing process. I am quite willing to pay a higher fee if that will indeed provide more funds for animal control; however, I am hesitant to think that this will solve the issue I see on a daily basis. 

As I drive back and forth to my home, I am reminded of the terrible situations some dogs endure. I have contacted the Anniston Police Department on multiple occasions regarding this one dog in particular. He is chained to a fence on a short, heavy chain. I think the minimum chain length is supposed to be 10 feet, and I doubt this chain is 10 feet long. 

During the extremely long, hot summer months, he was frequently without water and his living area was strewn with feces and torn takeout containers. He is not neutered, and I’m fairly sure he does not get a regular rabies vaccination or have a city license. During my requested checks on the dog, does the department even check for a city license or a rabies tag? What good are the existing ordinances if not enforced? 

Susan Waldron