A new federal courthouse, completion of the Chief Ladiga Trail, Freedom Riders monument and possible museum, the Coldwater mountain biking trail, etc. How many people from Anniston want to miss out on being a part of all of these big things that are going to be happening?

But if you choose to leave the city of Anniston, then you don't have that distinction. Is that really what the people of Golden Springs areas of Ward 4 want? Something to really think about before people start jumping on this new exit plan.

I don't even live in Anniston, but that doesn't keep me from having a heart for what happens in Anniston.

Can anyone envision McClellan being a big Medical Research Hub tied into Jacksonville State University Research University?

Ward 4 areas are situated next to the former Fort McClellan property. Are the people of Ward 4 ready to jump ship and abandon fighting for the development of McClellan?

The beauty of the Eastern Bypass to Interstate 20 is something to promote its future development.

There is so much potential around various areas of Anniston Alabama that we don't even see yet!

Hopefully, one day we can have those in public offices — county offices, Montgomery, to Washington, DC — finally take our concerns to heart and not just make it about their own interests.

Wanda Chandler Champion