LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Alabama should be tired of failing in education


For years we have been programmed to believe the education system must be run by those who having teaching experience. Why? When those who get politically active making the decisions as to what and how to teach have given us the bottom ranking. 

So just how well did the Common Core pile work out for us? Why is it that when asked for more money (as if having 77% of the entire budget was not enough); what have we gotten? Just more social promotion and kicking the can down the road. This now extends to college-level work, as well. 

Let me be clear: Teachers are not the issue, but the chasing of federal dollars by lackluster administrations and unions are! There are some teachers needed firing and cannot be due to union contracts that do nothing to help the kids, as they all claim to want to. Even today there is pressure to get rid of giving grades, where letting kids feel good about themselves seems more important than preparing the kids for their future work. 

With the scandal of grade inflation under Bentley’s administration, it seems it does not matter what party is in power. The same old pile stays there, year in and year out. We should be completely tired of accepting the failures of those doing as it has been for, what, some 60 years? And stop screwing over our kids we need for competition in tomorrow’s workplace. The type of industry coming to Alabama shows we are going to need real accomplishments by our kids. Stop the dumbing down of them while acting as if they accomplished great things when actually the school systems have left them woefully unprepared. Granted there are exceptions to this and money is not the only issue. Even Obama’s Sec. of Ed. Arne Duncan said the same. Self-esteem is worthwhile only if truly earned.

David Duncan