Based on personal conversations, the recent extreme (hot, dry) weather in Alabama and the Southeast has caused more citizens to discuss climate change. This is a positive development. We must discuss it in order to develop an effective plan of action. The plan must greatly reduce emissions of greenhouse gases that result from burning fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas). Instead of fossil fuels, we will switch to clean renewable energy, such as solar and wind power – with storage.

Other states in the Southeast are taking positive steps. Some examples: The Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC), which covers Alabama, reported: “more solar power is on the way in Georgia, thanks to SELC’s advocacy before the state’s Public Service Commission. The Commission in July approved a long-range energy plan for Georgia Power that will add 2,210 megawatts of renewable energy, likely all solar, to the state’s energy mix. This is enough energy to power nearly a quarter of a million homes.”

I am unaware of similar actions in Alabama. We need discussion, planning and action, without delay. Talk about it, including with your elected representatives.

David Newton