Calhoun County Water Authority workers Thursday morning found the cause of an outage that left between 1,000 and 1,500 Pleasant Valley residents without water service since late Wednesday. 

Authority Superintendent Greg Warren confirmed that workers had been searching for the leak since around midnight Thursday morning. They “hunted it,” he said, by closing off valves and listening for leaks, gradually isolating the location. 

When he answered his cell phone Thursday at about 10 a.m., he was at the site of the leak on the 3700 block of Pleasant Valley Road. He said that workers should have repairs completed within about two hours. 

Service had been restored to the majority of Pleasant Valley customers, he said, though they might see low water pressure for a short time. Only about 20 houses remained without service, he said.

Warren later said that the leak had been fixed just after noon. 

Warren said the outage wasn’t caused by any particular event, just old pipes springing a leak. 

“It’s like if a tree falls on a power line,” he said. “Nobody can really control it.”

Assistant Metro Editor Ben Nunnally: 256-235-3560.