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VIDEO: Roaming black bears create stir in the Manassas area

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A bear spotted this weekend in the Bull Run area. Content Exchange

Black bears have been out and about in the Manassas area over the last few days.

On Friday, a bear was spotted outside the Comfort Suites Manassas on Williamson Boulevard, rummaging through some trash bins before running away.

A bear stopped for a visit Friday at the Comfort Suites Manassas on Williamson Boulevard.

Then over the weekend, a bear was hanging around backyards in the Bull Run area outside Manassas.

On Monday morning, a small black bear was captured on video running through yards in the Sheffield Estates neighborhood in Bristow.

Wildlife experts say it’s the time of year when Virginia’s black bears are foraging for food and young bears search for new territory. Prince William County’s Animal Control Bureau offers the following tips and suggestions for dealing with hungry bears:

  • Remove food sources that might attract bears. This includes bird feeders, garbage, pet food, outdoor grills, livestock food, compost, fruit trees and beehives.
  • Do not store trash – or anything that smells like food – in vehicles, on porches, or decks. Keep your full or empty trash containers secured in a garage, shed or basement. If you do not have a trash collection service, take your garbage to the Landfill frequently (twice a week or more). If you do have a trash collection service, put your garbage out the morning of the pickup rather than the night before.
  • Take down your bird feeders temporarily until the bear moves on.
  • Consider installing electric fencing, an inexpensive and extremely efficient proven deterrent to bears, around dumpsters, gardens, beehives or other potential food sources.

Bear raiding trash in the Bull Run area outside Manassas. He was spotted in the neighborhood both Friday and Saturday.

Bears generally avoid humans but, in their search for food, they do wander into suburban areas. It is best to keep a respectful distance if you see a bear. Bring your pets inside and leave the immediate area.

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