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The good times rolled at local couple’s annual Mardi Gras party

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Jeremiah and Ashleigh Russell

Former Louisiana residents Jeremiah and Ashleigh Russell celebrated Mardi Gras this month with Anniston friends.

Although Jeremiah and Ashleigh Russell attended the same high school in Knoxville, Tenn., the two didn’t begin dating until Ashleigh was earning her music degree at Carson Newman College and Jeremiah was a student at the state university.

That was 1998. Two years later, they were married and off to Kentucky, where Jeremiah attended college, earning both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s. From there it was on to Baylor, where Jeremiah picked up another master’s, then to Louisiana State University, where he worked on his doctorate. With each new home, Ashleigh used her degree to land jobs as a music teacher.