Although he was born in New England, Mark Proper calls himself a “military brat,” having lived in Germany, Hawaii and Alabama during his youth. But mostly he considers himself to be a Calhoun County “local boy” because this is where he settled and stayed.

For the Vietnamese people, welcoming in a new year is a cause for celebration that lasts much longer than a champagne toast or a ball drop in Times Square. The holiday of Tet is an extended time of celebration that begins on the day of the first new moon of the year and continues for three d…

I’ve known Mandi King for a long time, but I can’t remember exactly how we first became friends. Maybe it was when she took me out to lunch for my 50th birthday. That was in 2007, the same year she teamed up with her friends Bev Roberts and Ann Morgan to host their first Kentucky Derby Party…

Anniston resident Jeff Crow became interested in being an Uber driver after hearing a friend talk about it. “I asked him some questions, then went to research it,” Jeff said. “It’s a bit of a process to apply.”

Peg and Tracy Tyler have done their fair share of traveling throughout the world (a given seeing as how Peg is a retired travel agent) but they never did the one excursion Tracy always wanted to do — a riverboat cruise.

Kelly (not her real name) is the sole provider for her four children. One of her kids is in kindergarten, another in second grade. The two older ones attend middle school. The children’s father left the state, leaving behind nothing in the way of support, but Kelly does her best as a single …

Nov. 1 was All Saints Day, a Christian commemoration of those individuals whose lives glorified God in such a way that they set an example for the rest of us. My favorite saint is Monica, mother to Augustine, who himself became a saint, mainly because Monica never gave up on him.

It was a little more than five years ago when Tonya Spence was diagnosed with breast cancer in the form of a small, rice-sized piece of calcification. It was discovered during a routine mammogram.

Ben Myers, a former Anniston resident now living in Atlanta, is a man who enjoys a good beer, even to the point of making his own. “I’ve been home-brewing for 14 years,” he said. “I’ve always had a passion for craft beer.”

Last January, while bundled in a coat and scarf against freezing temperatures, Lori Floyd made her way through a patch of woods off Highway 202. She had heard about a possible encampment of homeless people living in the area. As the executive director of The Right Place housing assistance ag…

Several of my friends are sending their children off to college this month and I know (from experience) how emotional that can be. I also know (from experience) that the anticipation of an empty nest is way worse than the actual empty nest itself.

Last Sunday evening, parishioners at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church welcomed a visitor from the Vatican. Thierry Roch, a retired member of the Swiss Guard, came to share stories of his life as a soldier in what is considered the oldest and smallest army in the world.

While writing about other people’s travels in recent weeks, I admit to being envious. There’s so much of the world I haven’t seen, but surely hope to. I’d at least like to be on the same par as my husband, Tim. Before we got married, his free spirit took him all over the place.

My friend Mark Keller once said that walking around New York City can make a person feel truly insignificant. He got that right.