There is a Girl Scout dad in my office. I like to think of him as the Walter White of Thin Mints. When he stopped by my cubby earlier this month and tempted me with a Girl Scout cookie order form, I caved immediately.

A long time ago, at a newspaper far, far away, I wrote my first humor column. Back then, I didn’t make fun of myself, like I do now. Instead, I made fun of celebrities and movies and TV shows. Most famously, I once made fun of a big purple dinosaur.

Taking the whole family to a University of Alabama football game has long been on my husband’s bucket list. And so, on a glorious Saturday in October, I found myself trailing behind my husband and two kids up the entrance ramp to Bryant-Denny Stadium.

I have spent the past week reading 326 ghost stories, and I’m a little wigged out right now. The stories were entries in The Anniston Star’s annual Ghostwriters contest for kids from kindergarten through high school.

As summer turns to fall, Brett Buckner's attention turns to the Star’s third annual HorrorFest, a buckets-of-blood marathon during which he will watch 31 horror movies in 31 days.

The blood was still churning in the water and the bikini-clad, blonde damsel had just barely escaped the jaws of the man-eating (or, in this case, woman-eating) great white shark when my 8-year-old daughter used a handful of buttered popcorn to steal my attention away from the movie screen.