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At a time of year when I’m anxiously watching for the Black Friday sales prices for a new TV, and I really want all new kitchen cabinets, and a new rug for the dining room, and pretty wallpaper for the guest bath, and new light fixtures as long as we’re at it, and I want I want I want I want…

We pulled out the good sterling flatware for dinner the other night. Not because we were celebrating or anything. Because all the other silverware was still hidden away in a packing box somewhere.

The son is leaving for his first year of college, and I spent his last week at home making his favorite foods. Parmesan-garlic chicken with penne pasta. Homemade meatballs. Pancakes. Bacon. A different kind of ice cream every day. (Oh wait, the ice cream was for me.)

Back when spring was new, I kept hearing a strange tapping, tapping outside my bedroom window. It sounded like a woodpecker pecking on the side of the house, except that we have vinyl siding.

On Monday, there was a frog in the house, near the front door. On Tuesday, there was a frog in the kitchen. On Sunday, there was a frog in the mailbox.

My daughter is working as a camp counselor this summer, and she asked us to send her letters. Not texts. Not emails. Actual letters.

I have a boring name. “Lisa” was the most popular baby name the year I was born. I was never the only Lisa in my class.