Missing a mother lost to COVID-19

Helen Pratt

Helen Pratt with her children (from left) Thom, Cheryl, Amy and Chris.

My mother died a long time ago, but I still miss her as if she left me yesterday. As the years have passed and my heart has healed, I’ve gotten used to not having her here to celebrate Mother’s Day, but I can empathize with my friends who have recently lost their moms. Last Sunday was their first time to not buy a present or pick out a card. It’s an odd feeling; a very sad adjustment to make.

One of my friends who is grieving the recent loss of his mother is Thomas Pratt. Thom is an engineer and team manager at Honda in Lincoln. He and his wife, Laura, live in Oxford with their three children. His mother, Helen Pratt from Paducah, Ky., died last month from complications related to COVID-19.