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Looking at Elbert Green Morris, master contractor of our area

Elbert Green Morris

Elbert Green Morris was the builder of historic buildings in Jacksonville. First Baptist Church in Jacksonville was similar to other churches built in the 1850s.

When you consider the vast number of historians and genealogists through the years, combined with their use of the written word, it’s no wonder that your research brings up the name of Elbert Green Morris, an inventor, ironmaster and builder in Calhoun County. Morris’ name is secondary in the reports of antebellum Jacksonville buildings, while famous architect Richard Upjohn, producer of pattern books for rural structures in the 1850s, is given prominence. However, it was Morris and his building skills that brought the blueprints to life.

A catalogue of the structures built by this man seems elusive but, thankfully, written reports tell us of Morris, the son of a carpenter, and his life in Calhoun County.

Artist Leah Hamel

Artist Leah Hamel is featured in the JSU art exhibit opening Feb. 2.