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Look Back … to the bank president who rescued the kitten, 1996

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A front-page article in 1965 told the courageous story of a local girl named Johnnie Gail Honeycutt, who at age 14 received a kidney transplanted from her father back in July. At the time of the article, Sept. 5, both father and daughter were recovering.

Sept. 5, 1946, in The Star: Anniston children celebrate their last day of summer vacation tomorrow by registering at the schools for fall term. High school registration has been going on all this week, but grade school children report tomorrow, Friday, and receive their book lists. For first-graders, it’s an exciting time, of course. Probably the child’s greatest treasure right now is a brand new book satchel, a pad of paper and any number of crayons and sharpened pencils. Also this date: Visitors to Anniston this week included four older gentlemen, four brothers, who left the Model City around 1904 to take jobs in Memphis; they have keen memories of that time and the years prior and shared them with a reporter. One of the brothers, Mr. J. M. Levens, age 71, stated that he remembered “when horses used to water under the wooden bridge at 13th and Noble, and the city’s industries numbered three.” Mr. W. P. Levens, 65, recalled “Noble Street’s business section was strewn among residences from Tenth and Noble to 13th and Noble Streets."

Sept. 5, 1996, in The Star: When fishing buddies Alan Hubbard and Jerry Hopper decided to enter a recent fishing contest, the Poorhouse Creek Night Tournament, they hoped to land a big one. Instead the whiskered swimmer they fished out of the waters at Logan Martin Lake was an injured kitten. It had slipped into the water and began swimming out to the men’s boat. Hubbard, president of Colonial Bank in Oxford, took the kit to Dr. Simpkins at Cheaha Animal Hospital and found it was hurt pretty bad — a couple of broken bones and a damaged tail. And now the Hubbard household, despite already being full of children and pets, has made room for one more. Named “Catfish.”