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Look Back ... to George Smith's trip to North Dakota, 1996

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A moonshine operation, although not the still itself, was destroyed by local authorities on Turkey Heaven mountain, this front-page story of June 10, 1909, tells us.

June 10, 1946, in The Star: A sobering article describes the process families should undertake if they wish to have remains of their beloved servicemen returned to the United States for reburial. Families have the option of having the remains returned to the U.S. for final interment in a National Cemetery near their home, or to a private cemetery to be buried by the next of kin. The government will pay the entire cost of the former option and will pay $50 toward the cost of the latter. Burial can also be in a permanent American Military Cemetery overseas, if the family wishes. It is estimated that bodies will arrive in the U.S. beginning next year at the initial rate of 1,200 per month, increasing to about 18,900 monthly by the end of 1947. Special funeral ships and trains will be used in the process. Also this date: The caption under a photo of Leamon M. Fite, seaman second class, informs his local friends and family that he is now aboard the USS Cavalier at Shanghai, China. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Fite writes that the Cavalier and her crew are among the best afloat and that he likes the regular Navy life. Prior to his China assignment, Fite was stationed at Shoemaker, Calif., and at Treasure Island.  

June 10, 1996, in The Star: Anniston Star columnist George Smith is among the Baptists who have journeyed to North Dakota to help a Baptist congregation in Bismarck put up a new building. Those in the group who were pastors preached messages Sunday at other churches in the vicinity, and Smith went along for one of those services. He writes, “Seriously, if you have a brain in your head and a heart in your body, you have to admire guys such as Rev. Smith, Kemp and Wheatley. They — and the others here from our community — have a faith they’ll go anywhere, anytime to share … at their own expense. It’s a faith that won’t let you quit.”