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Look Back ... to dogwoods for Arbor Day, 1996

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On the front page this date in 1951 was an account of the crash of a school bus in downtown Oxford during the morning run. No injuries were serious and because the accident was close to the school anyhow, the children walked the rest of the way. The bus driver was 16 years old.

Feb. 20, 1946, in The Star: No Anniston Star was archived for this date, and with no explanation.

Feb. 20, 1996, in The Star: The Berman Museum will open in Anniston’s LaGarde Park on April 12-13 with three major exhibits. This will mark the first fully public access to the Farley and Germaine Berman collection of rare historical objects, weapons and works of art, as well as the beginning of a series of shows of up-and-coming artists. Also this date: The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary and the Advisory Board of Directors of the Salvation Army crowned longtime Anniston volunteer Hazel Rowe “Queen for a Day” in honor of her recent 90th birthday. She’s been a member of the advisory board for 45 years and was a moving force in establishing the Women’s Shelter here in 1983. Additionally: About 3,000 people flocked to Zinn Park yesterday to collect free dogwood saplings as part of the city’s fourth annual Arbor Day celebration. This year the observance included members of the Tree and Beautification Board handing out the Martin Wakefield Lifetime Achievement Award to Genevieve Mallory, known for her beautiful back yard at her home on Fairway Drive in Anniston.