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Look Back ... to different ways to aid the mission in Bosnia, 1996

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Best guess, based on subsequent articles, is that this is a reference in 1901 to the future construction of the Calhoun County courthouse in Anniston.

Feb. 21, 1946, in The Star: Judge S. E. Boozer of Anniston today announced his platform for the forthcoming gubernatorial campaign. Judge Boozer favors using the state’s income tax receipts to raise teacher salaries, establish a trust fund for disable veterans and widows of deceased veterans and for old age assistance. Other points on his platform include an “adequate health program,” a state industrial development board and a $3 registration fee for cars instead of the present tag tax. Also this date: A high school of about 20 rooms, also with an auditorium and an up-to-date cafeteria, is to be built in Jacksonville in between the administration building and the gymnasium. The Alabama Building Commission has released the money for the $200,000 high school.

Feb. 21, 1996, in The Star: Six Anniston Army Depot employees are finding a sense of purpose and duty in helping to enforce the NATO peace treaty in Bosnia. The civilian volunteers left last week to join regular U.S. soldiers involved in the mission in German and Bosnia. The local workers — five heavy equipment mechanics and one optical instrument expert — will be overseas up to six months maintaining combat bulldozers and tank recovery vehicles. Meanwhile, providing assistance of a totally different sort is Saks cookie chef Bob Fritzsche, whose macadamia nut chocolate chip and oatmeal raison pecan styles of cookie will be mailed to a a co-worker, Sgt. 1st Class Tony Johnson. While most federal employees were resting on Presidents Day, Fritzsche, 52, was hard at work in his kitchen in Saks, baking cookies to ship to Johnson, who normally would be working with him at Fort McClellan’s Department of Defense Polygraph Institute. The mission in Bosnia is Johnson’s first long-term deployment away from his wife and two sons, who live in Saks. Fritzsche is a cookie baker as a hobby.