The Anniston Star recently moved into new offices. We didn’t move far — just to the other side of the building — but it’s been an adjustment.

In the old newsroom, I was in a corner cubicle all by myself on one side of the building. It was so quiet, I could kick off my shoes and nobody ever noticed. It was not unlike being in time-out.

Now, though, I sit at a row of desks surrounded by nine other people — and I have turned into the office Chatty Cathy.

When I have to consult with somebody on the other side of the room, it’s close enough that I can just roll over there in my office chair.

They really should have left me in the time-out corner.

Now that my desk is near everyone else’s, it is glaringly obvious that I am the messiest person in the office. My piles of paper are slowing oozing onto the desk next to mine, like a slow-motion lava flow.

Also, my phone is now on the other side of my computer, which is messing up my whole sense of place. My phone will ring, and I will stare at the empty spot where it should be and wonder, “Which of you jokers stole my phone?”

The good news is, when I was packing up my old desk, I found the instruction manual for the phone, so now if you call me I might not accidentally cut you off.

In some ways, the new office is improving my manners. I no longer eat lunch at my desk, being as we are in such close quarters and I frequently bring tuna fish. Instead, most days I eat outside at a picnic table in a lovely field of azaleas and wildflowers that I never knew existed way over here on this side of the building.

On the days when James Spann tells me I shouldn’t eat lunch outside, I go to our new break room, which is an adventure. There’s a vending machine in there that contains sandwiches and burritos. I had a nightmare once about a vending machine burrito.

I am thankful, however, that they moved the microwave from our old break room to the new break room, because it took me six years to learn how to work that microwave.

The best part about the new office is that my co-workers keep bringing cake! Lemon cake, coconut cake, hummingbird cake, cinnamon bun cake …

The worst part about the new office is that the bathroom is down three flights of stairs.

At least it’s a good way to work off all that cake.

Lisa Davis is Features Editor of The Anniston Star. Contact her at 256-235-3555 or

Features Editor Lisa Davis: 256-235-3555.