'Thor: Ragnarok'

Did you know that in Finland there is a thing called “pantsdrunk?” That’s one of the many interesting things I learned this week.

“Pantsdrunk” is when one gets drunk alone at home, wearing only one’s underwear.

There’s a book called “Pantsdrunk” coming out next year, so brace yourselves to hear even more about it.

Last month, I learned about a Swedish phenomenon called “death cleaning,” which is the process of clearing out your belongings before you die, so that your loved ones don’t have to do it. (If I’m expected to throw away a lifetime of memories, I’m going to have to get pantsdrunk.)

Earlier this year, I learned about the Danish concept of “hygge,” which is a feeling of coziness, usually induced by candles, warm blankets and a hot beverage. (This scenario might also result in pantsdrunk.)

“Hygge” is pronounced “hue-guh.” Maybe that’s what Blue Swede was really singing about in “Hooked on a Feeling.” Hygge hygge hygge chakka. Or maybe they were just pantsdrunk.

Scandinavian culture might be having a moment. The most popular movie in America right now is “Thor: Ragnarok,” which besides giving us yet another funny word, also introduces us to the Norse God of Thunder, the Norse God of Mischief and the Norse Goddess of Death, who is pantsdrunk on power.

Some other things Scandinavia has given us:

• Vikings

• Valkyries

• Elves

• Dwarves

• Trolls



• Earth shoes

• Legos

• Minecraft

• Pippi Longstocking

• Ingmar Bergman

• The Swedish Chef

• Good Norwegian wood

It seems hard to believe that same culture that sent bloodthirsty Vikings out in longboats to conquer the world has how given us “pantsdrunk.”

But I have to admit, I could use a hygge right now.

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