So let me get this straight. There is a giant rabbit who appears once a year to hide colorful eggs and leave baskets full of candy … including miniature chocolate versions of himself .. which we then eat. I’m not sure we are showing proper appreciation for the Easter Bunny.

We have officially made it to spring! Let’s give ourselves a collective pat on the back for surviving March. But keep a weather eye out. Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean everything will come up daisies.

It’s time once again for March Madness, the annual ritual in which my husband goes a bit bonkers watching the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament. He yells at the TV. He whoops and hollers and jumps around the living room. He panics the dog and the cat.

They say that, after two years of pandemic, we are entering a “new normal,” but I am skeptical. I mean, can we really move forward as long as Tom Brady refuses to leave the NFL? 

My daily routine has been upended umpteen times in the last few months — and that’s not counting what the pandemic did to it. My time sense has gotten so bad, one recent morning I spent 10 solid minutes trying to remember what year it was. (I thought it was 2023, and couldn’t figure out why …

I have a new favorite local radio station. (Yes, I still listen to radio. I realize this dates me.) It’s Calhoun County EMA radio, broadcasting on 95.9 FM in Oxford and 96.3 FM in Jacksonville. In case of emergency, the stations will broadcast emergency information, but the rest of the time …

Junk food just keeps getting weirder — and I’m not just talking about the Green M&M losing her go-go boots in a corporate makeover. Here’s a listing of some recent food developments. The twist: There is one fake item. Can you spot it?

I’ve been a fan of word games since I was 10 years old and reading AARP magazine. (My parents subscribed. I didn’t look at the articles, but I absolutely loved the word search on the back page.)

My holiday gift to you this year is a quiz featuring beloved Christmas movies, new and old. Can you name the movies based on the plotlines? (Answers at the end.)

I choose to live in the woods, which means I’ve experienced plenty of home invasions. Squirrels in the attic. The lizard that crawled down the chimney. The rat that chewed a hole in the dishwasher.

It’s time for everybody’s favorite part of Thanksgiving: leftovers! A survey for the Honey Baked Ham Co. a few years ago revealed America’s favorite Thanksgiving leftovers:

I keep thinking we need a word for “things the pandemic broke.” Not the big things, just the odd little things that are a constant reminder that everyday life is not everyday anymore.

I just got back from vacation in a remote part of West Texas. Most mornings and evenings, I would sit outside on the porch, listening to the bird song, the occasional gust of wind … and well, that was about it, really.

We asked readers to send us their terrible dog stories for a chance to win a copy of Rick Bragg’s new book “The Speckled Beauty,” about his terrible dog, Speck. Y’all sent in stories of dog vs. possum, dog vs. rooster, dog vs. tiger. The winner of “The Speckled Beauty” is Dorothy Cypher of J…

When I first came across it on the internet, I thought it had to be a prank. But no. Brach’s, the folks who make candy corn, have come out with a whole new bag of candy corn flavors this season: Turkey Dinner.