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Fill 'er up!

How things work: A look inside Anniston’s new 2-million-gallon water tower

Anniston Water Tower

Anniston Water Works general manager Ed Turner and project engineer Clifton Osborne look over the construction progress of a 2-million-gallon water tower that's almost completed in Anniston city limits between I-20 and U.S. 78. The huge water pipes that have yet to be connected are visible to the right. 

Water towers are everywhere around us. These massive structures come in many different shapes, sizes and colors, but they all serve the same purpose: storing clean, treated water high above ground, which pressurizes it for distribution to the area.

The outsides are often emblazoned with city names, sports teams or even designed to look like fruit (surely you’ve seen Clanton’s big peach water tower from I-65 a few times). But have you ever wondered what’s on the inside?