Alex Hechart, who grew up in Anniston, recently started a home design service with her mother, Donna Woodfin. Based in Birmingham, “Home with Hechart” offers design services as well as a shopping website for home goods. 

Most people think about boosting curb appeal when they are getting prepared to sell a home, but whether or not you’re selling shouldn’t stop you from making your home a beautiful place.

Remember when the most exciting thing you could do with your lights was clap twice to turn them off and on? Remember having to invest in a lava lamp if you wanted some sort of colorful light presence in your bedroom? Nowadays, when there is a smart option for almost every appliance in your h…

If you get bored while practicing social distancing, here’s an activity that everyone can enjoy: agonizing over the way your house is decorated and how you want to redesign your space. Decorating consultant Scott Skinner is here to help.

The backbone of any dazzling summer color bed is an array of brightly flowered perennials. A perennial is defined as a deciduous plant that lives at least two years. Deciduous means the plant loses all it leaves and dies back. Some may survive longer than two years, while others can fade sooner.