As a mother awaits the arrival of her new bundle of joy, she makes plans on how she will parent, love, care for and, most importantly, feed her baby.

    Daniel Lee, the winner of The Anniston Star's "Grocery Cart Makeover" contest, went shopping with dietitian Louise Lockridge and fitness columnist Ann Angell to help him make healthier food choices.

    It’s officially flu season in Calhoun County — and it looks like it will be a bad one. This year’s flu shot is not as effective as in years past, so it’s more important than ever to take additional steps to protect yourself and others from the flu virus.

    Imagine a world where there was less memory loss and more oxygen to the brain. How about way less obesity, and way more self-confidence? Here is a good one — way less disease and way more good health?

    Allie Steen knew something was seriously wrong when she couldn’t remember the number she was supposed to dial to call in sick to work. Later, at a medical office, she couldn’t remember half of her personal information to complete the patient form. That, combined with achy, swollen fingers an…

    Haley Proctor enjoys the study of movement. She studied dance in college for one year before enrolling in massage therapy school with her sister. Proctor worked in that field for 13 years before discovering a passion for yoga and reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction. Proctor owns…

    When thinking ahead to 2017 and what the future is for fitness, it’s easy to see the trends that will be sticking around and the ones that will not. I am always amazed every year how much more sense fitness is making as people learn better and smarter ways to train.