In the premiere appearance of this column in March 2001, I was tasked with recommending locally available wines for stocking a wine cellar. Most of the wines I recommended then would not receive my nod of approval today — with the rare exception of Bogle merlot.

With all the wine on the American market today, chardonnay remains the best-selling varietal by volume. That it remains Americans’ favorite can be explained by four words: Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve.

I know I am a relic. I love antique furniture, carpets and tableware, some of which have come to me from multiple generations. I have collected these things out of a love of history, never viewing them as an investment, which is a good thing.

Now that turkey leftovers have been dispatched and Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, the brave among us may be considering hosting a Christmas soiree. Inevitably, there is angst associated with estimating the amount of wine to have on hand for such gatherings.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. If you ask me, Thanksgiving is observed at the wrong time of the year and would be much better received if it occurred in February, because nothing ever happens in February.

With Thanksgiving approaching, visions of that Norman Rockwell scene with family and friends gathered around the table admiring the presentation of a gorgeously bronzed roasted turkey come to mind.

Almost exactly nine years ago, upon returning from a visit to California that included an afternoon at Bugay Vineyards in Sonoma, I wrote, “This is a small production, almost cult winery that grows grapes in what is arguably one of the most beautiful spots on the face of the globe.”

One can hardly watch TV without noticing commercials for If you are perhaps laboring under the impression that you are Italian because you like spaghetti and your first name is Leonardo, can, through DNA analysis, dispel those myths, determining that you are not It…

We Southerners have a reputation for loving sweets. Dessert is often my favorite course. I even sprinkle sugar over my grits, eating this Southern breakfast staple like porridge.

In 2001, the year “Uncorked” made its debut in The Anniston Star, California wine shipments in the U.S. amounted to 162 million 9-liter cases. (A typical 9-liter case holds 12 bottles of wine.)

An article entitled “The Obsessive Sport of Shopping for a Vintage ‘Joy of Cooking’” by Genevieve Walker recently caught my eye on Bon Appétit’s website. The article sent me scrambling to locate my copy of this cooking tome.

As Father’s Day approaches if father appreciates wine, perhaps a gift of a good bottle is in order. It might be his favorite wine if known, or because he is a special dad the occasion might call for  a more upscale bottle.  While a $1,000 bottle of a Bordeaux first growth may be totally out …

Growing up in the South during the Dark Ages, many things stand out about childhood Easters, especially the live baby chicks, rabbits and ducklings that had been dyed in Crayola colors.

Anyone remotely interested in wine or aeronautics has to love the vintners of Châteauneuf-du-Pape in France, who in 1954 passed laws prohibiting the landing and taking off of any flying saucers or flying cigars in their vineyards.

Queen Elizabeth II just celebrated her sapphire anniversary, marking her 65th anniversary on the throne. That makes the 90-year-old queen the longest-reigning British monarch. Now word comes of another milestone for the queen.