Wine Enthusiast magazine recently published its Top 10 most searched wines for 2019, admitting, “There was something a little voyeuristic about analyzing the browsing histories of strangers.”

Every year, Rob McMillan, executive vice president and founder of Silicon Valley Bank’s wine division, publishes the equivalent of the State of  the Union address, called the State of the Wine Industry Report. That the bank should have a wine division is no coincidence.

Happy New Year, gentle readers. Six days less than we usually have between Thanksgiving and Christmas really did make a difference. Now that most of us can catch our breath after the Christmas marathon, it is time to look toward the future and turn our thoughts to prospering and surviving in 2020.

“Quid pro quo” has been on the lips of those in Washington who love posturing in front of media cameras trying to appear more intelligent than the rest of the proletariat, those of us who did not study Latin in school and who actually have to work for a living.

This is the time of year when retailers, publications and websites tout the Top 5 or 500 must-have Christmas items for those we hold near and dear. Attention shoppers, good news here: All items in Neiman Marcus’s Christmas catalog are priced below a million bucks this year.

There are certain experiences that evoke good, bad, transcendent and humorous memories. One of my humorous moments was provided by a Sonoma wine, La Crema, and is a gift that keeps on giving.