We asked readers to share their favorite game day recipes for a chance to win “The All-New SEC Tailgating Cookbook” by the Editors of Southern Living. Our winner is Greg Morgan of Oxford. He and Stacy Tieck of Anniston shared some excellent dips for your next game-watching event.

On Aug. 1, longtime Anniston Star food columnist Prudence Hilburn, 82, passed away peacefully. Hilburn grew up in the Mill Village in Piedmont, and her hard-earned talents in the kitchen took her around the world, from the finals of the national Pillsbury Bake-Off to New York City to France.…

When I’m talking “turtles,” I am not thinking about the creepy, crawly kind. No. My palate is mentally tasting the wonderful candies of my youth.

Whether or not we believe the old adage that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” we can all agree that apples taste good whether served raw or cooked.

The brownie is one bar cookie that is internationally acclaimed as a favorite. Ask anyone if he or she would like a brownie, and seldom will anyone say “no.”

Sometimes we get tired of the same foods for breakfast, such as homemade biscuits and all that usually goes with them for a true Southern breakfast. Well, maybe we don’t get tired of EATING this delicious morning meal … just too tired to make it ourselves.

I enjoy doing food research. Recently, I learned that March has been noted as potato month. I can’t think of a more worthy vegetable to receive this honor.

Having grown up in a part of the South where potatoes are a big part of our meals, I sometimes forget that there are regions where rice is just as important as the “spud.”

If asked to name my favorite cookware, I would definitely say, “cast iron.” This is probably because it is the type my mother used when I was growing up.

Before starting work at the Peter Kump’s New York Cooking School in New York City, I would never have thought about making a genoise. To be truthful, I had never heard of this French dessert.

This chilly weather calls for chili. Everyone has a favorite chili. My granddaughter Meagan and her husband, Brandon, make some of the best chili I have ever eaten. No need to ask for the recipe, because they don’t use a recipe. I guess you could call their version a “pantry” chili, because …

It’s not too early to think about starting the new year with positive thoughts about a healthier lifestyle. It seems that this is one of the top resolutions made each year.

As a child, candy-making at Christmas was a memorable time. Everyone in our family had his or her favorite, which they usually shared. I enjoyed them all, but nothing could compare with my dad’s taffy.

Having grown up in the South, I could not agree with a statement I read recently that said, “apples cannot be grown in the South.” After thinking about this, I realized that perhaps the person making this statement was thinking of those “beautiful” apples you buy at the supermarket, because …

With the arrival of cooler weather, my thoughts turn to hearty soups and stews. However, I am one of those people who can enjoy soups and stews any time of the year.