When looking for new recipes, I have a loose set of criteria I go by.

One of my most favorite elements to a new recipe is that glorious phrase, “one-pan meal.” As a person with a tiny kitchen and no dishwasher, that little phrase makes me very happy.

Another favorite recipe element of mine is “five ingredients or less” (not counting staples like salt and pepper and olive oil.)

I love to cook, but I don’t want it to be the only thing I ever have time to do. Sometimes, I pull out all the stops and bang out a multi-course meal just because I can. But quick recipes with a few good, well-balanced ingredients take precedence on busy weeknights or when the budget just won’t allow for big, complex dinners.

One of my personal favorite dinners is breakfast for dinner, so a recipe that’s considered appropriate for either meal is high on my list.

Finally, any recipe that suggests cooking in cast iron is automatically going to get my attention. Over the years, I have amassed a lovely (and huge) cast iron collection. My grandmother has given me several beautiful and highly sentimental pieces, and I have come by, purchased and bartered for the rest.

This recipe, which my husband swears inspired him to propose to me, combines every one of these precious elements and makes one excellent dish.

Rachel Cowan Webb is a freelance food writer in Anniston. Contact her at rcwebb16@gmail.com. Follow her baking adventures on Instagram @homemade.hip.pies.


  • 6-8 petite red potatoes, washed and chopped into 1-inch pieces with the skins still on
  • 2 links andouille-style or smoked sausage, sliced
  • 4-6 eggs
  • 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) butter
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Optional: shredded cheese, grated onion, diced bell peppers, leftover steak (instead of sausage), sliced scallion, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, hot sauce

In a 12-inch cast iron skillet over medium heat, melt the butter and add the olive oil. Get the pan and oil very hot, then add the chopped potatoes. These will take the longest to cook, usually about 45 minutes from start to finish.

After they’ve cooked for a while and got some golden brown-ness to them (about 25 minutes), add the onion, mushroom and bell peppers, if you like all that. Cook for about 15 minutes to soften the veggies, stirring occasionally with a wooden spatula. If the potatoes get a little charred on one side, it’s just fine; I actually think it’s better that way.

When the potatoes are almost done, add the sliced sausages (or leftover steak, if that’s what you’re using). Let the potatoes finish cooking in the juices from the meat, about 10 minutes. When the sausage has a nice sear on it, turn the heat down a bit.

In a separate bowl, crack the eggs and whisk them together. Pour them quickly into the center of the skillet and “scramble” them into the potatoes and sausage. This will be done very quickly, so don’t step away at this point. The eggs only take about 3 minutes to cook in a hot cast iron skillet.

When the eggs are done, remove the skillet from heat. Top the dish with shredded cheese and sliced scallions and put a lid on the pan to help the cheese melt.

When serving, add salt and pepper to taste.

And as a bonus element to an already fab recipe, this makes excellent leftovers and re-heats like a dream! It’s also very easy to scale up or down in size depending on how many people you’re cooking for.

Serve with freshly sliced homegrown tomatoes, plenty of hot sauce and a tall glass of iced tea.