Anyone remotely interested in wine or aeronautics has to love the vintners of Châteauneuf-du-Pape in France, who in 1954 passed laws prohibiting the landing and taking off of any flying saucers or flying cigars in their vineyards.

Queen Elizabeth II just celebrated her sapphire anniversary, marking her 65th anniversary on the throne. That makes the 90-year-old queen the longest-reigning British monarch. Now word comes of another milestone for the queen.

Tena King worked in education and with nonprofits for nearly 17 years before opening King’s Olive Oil Company in Gadsden. King’s Olive Oil Company was recently awarded “Alabama’s Small Business of the Year” by the Business Council of Alabama and Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama. Ki…

Most people will probably agree that a "blue plate" special would be great anytime, especially when we think back to all those rich and traditional foods we have enjoyed over the last few months.

Today is National Peking Duck Day, for the benefit of those who might be remotely interested in such news. Peking duck, coated in a sweet spicy sauce, is one of those foods that defies wine pairing, as are a lot of Pacific Rim dishes.

I am only recently emoji-literate. Sure, I am familiar with the smiley-face emoji that annoyingly makes its way to the end of text messages from friends, although I am loathe to understand why every text message now must be accompanied by an emoji.

If you have some fresh cranberries left over from holiday cooking, this would be a good time to use them for a tasty New Year’s dessert. Since fresh cranberries are not indigenous to our area, for many years we had to wait until the holiday season to get them.

Early historical references to wine quality make it abundantly clear that bubbles in wine are undesirable. Ancient man found bubbly wines puzzling if not downright frightening.

Most of our American presidents liked a little tipple. When George Washington ascended to the presidency, he was already a consumer of beer, dark ale and Madeira, a fortified wine from the island of Madeira.

Pumpkin not only adds color to our meals but it also adds nutrition. Keep this in mind when planning your desserts for Thanksgiving. In addition to the large amount of vitamin A in this orange vegetable, it is also low in fat and sodium.