Now that summer is officially here, it is time to turn to summer wines. Some would argue there is no such thing as a summer wine, and that is likely true. Wine does not have a season, but alcohol does warm one up.

This summer, we are all Ouiser, the character from “Steel Magnolias” who, when asked why she was going around town giving out tomatoes, replied, “Because I’m an old Southern woman and we’re supposed to wear funny looking hats and ugly clothes and grow vegetables in the dirt.”

If you’re growing tomatoes, you know they don’t always turn out round and pretty like the ones at the store. Send us a photo of your ugly tomato, and we’ll print our favorites in a future edition of the Food page. Email photos, along with your name, city of residence and phone number, to lda…

Today the words “artisan” and “artisanal” are freely applied to a host of goods. They are not to be confused with “artesian,” a word recently seen at a market causing me to wonder if the baked goods offered sprang forth from an aquifer.

Summer is a wonderful time to get creative with healthy snacks and appetizers. Unhealthy chips and dip are passé, because there are such wonderful options in the garden and in the produce section of your local stores.

Chilton County peach farmer Ken Easterling and his son, Kenyon, will NOT be in town this week selling their peaches -- nor will they be back until next year. "I'm sorry to say, we have brought our last load up for this year," said Kenyon Easterling. This has been an unpredictable and disappo…

As we approach what will likely be the most subdued July 4th celebration in American history, most — if we are wise — will stay at home in our backyards with friends and family cooking traditional pork, steak, burgers and other things grillable, all the while maintaining the requisite social…

Chilton County peach farmer Ken Easterling said today (June 30) that he doesn’t expect to have enough peaches ready to travel to Calhoun County this week.

It’s summer, which means it’s blueberry season. Fresh berries are showing up at local farmers markets, and several area pick-your-own blueberry farms are open.

This past week, I successfully participated in my first Zoom video conference via computer. Though I along with friends have tried to master this method of communicating, we have largely been unsuccessful.

I have long been puzzled by the preference of our local residents for red wines. Let’s face it; we do not reside in a large sophisticated metropolis where red wine snobs abound, but rather in a quiet hamlet populated with predominantly red wine lovers.

Chilton County peach farmer Ken Easterling — known in these parts as “the peach man” — has been making trips with his family for 68 years to sell peaches and tomatoes in Calhoun County. He’ll be late coming this year, as he lost most of his crop of early peaches, he said last week.

It is getting warmer outside, and with warmer weather comes outdoor grilling. Memorial Day is coming up soon, and I thought I would share a couple of recipes to try for your next backyard grilling party. Who doesn’t love a homemade grilled hamburger cooked on a charcoal grill?  Charcoal gril…

A survey of contemporaries regarding how they pass their days in self-isolation reveals most are spending substantial amounts of time baking. This likely explains the absence of flour and yeast on grocery shelves.

We were only a week into spring when we saw almost all of our time-honored springtime traditions struck down by the coronavirus pandemic. Between cancelled Easter celebrations and postponed graduation ceremonies, it seems like there’s nothing to look forward to for the rest of the season. Bu…

If you are like me, you have been trying to think of new and creative ways to prepare meals at home for your family while we are all quarantined. Preparing spaghetti and chicken fingers gets old pretty quick when you eat at home every day.

 In this time of pandemic and scarcity, few things remain certain. There are many questions. Where are people storing all that toilet paper? Do stores actually still stock toilet paper? If they do, does the first person in line buy the entire truckload?

Increasingly, the British admonishment to stay calm and carry on is made more difficult as the coronavirus spreads around the globe. Not only is this beastly virus taking a toll on human life, but it is also wreaking havoc on commerce.