Here we are. Still dealing with a pesky virus and still trying to figure out how to stay fit while we are out of our normal routines. Those of us over the age of 50 need to stay as active as possible, especially during such stressful times.

It’s a new year and a new decade, and the question I have heard the most from new exercisers is, “How high should my heart rate be while exercising?”

Recently an older relative had the chance to sit in on my Friday ‘Strength Train Together’ class, which is a total body workout with plates and barbells. I warned her that the music would be loud, and probably not the type of music she would like. After all, she is about 25-plus years older …

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Here we go again. 2019 has already arrived. Are you finding yourself with a little extra fluff around the waistline? Are you also finding yourself without the motivation to do anything about it?

As someone who has taught fitness classes since I was 25 (and I’m now 59), I wished an older, wiser athlete had taken me aside when I was 30 and given me the fitness advice that I am slowly learning and would like to tell the young’uns today.

In my job, it’s pretty common to see people who give a halfhearted effort at exercise and then give up when things don’t happen fast enough.

If you are a fitness class junkie, you have probably already seen how the trend toward pre-choreographed classes has really grown over the last 20 years. (Choreographed, that is, by someone other than yourself.)