We are free to choose — but choose wisely

Our Father in heaven is mindful of us. He has given us commandments to guide us.

He has also given us our agency (free will) “to see if we will do all things whatsoever He shall command” (Abraham 2:25).

Satan is also mindful of us. He is committed to our destruction. He does not discipline us with commandments. He offers us the choice to “do your own thing.” Satan’s plan is “play now and pay later.” He seeks for all to be miserable like unto himself (2 Nephi 2:27).

The Lord’s program is happiness now and joy forever through choosing to live the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are free to choose. But we are not free to alter the consequences of our choices.

Free will has been given to all of us to make important decisions. Remember (Joshua 24:15): “ But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

These decisions have a bearing on our salvation.

These decisions also affect our happiness in eternity.

Our own personal decisions have made us what we are.

Our eternal destiny will be determined by the decisions we have already made and by the decisions we will make in the future, such as repenting and following Christ.

Our Heavenly Father loves us.

If we pray in faith, His loving guidance can help us use our free will to make wise decisions.

— Wallace Price, Anniston Ward, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

‘Absolute’ free will not part of God’s plan

“Free will” as often defined in Western culture is non-existent. When most people use this phrase, they are referring to “absolute free will,” and this was never part of God’s plan for creation.

Humans act according to their desire, and I would actually say that it is impossible for man to act against his base desire.

When we think of the spiritual component of life, then we would say that each person follows their base desire to either accept or reject Christ.

The problem with fallen man is that unless God gives him the desire for Christ, he will never desire Christ. Thank God that he overcomes our natural will of desire, gives us a desire for Christ, gives us faith in Christ and allows us to love Him as the treasure above all treasure!

— Carlton Weathers, Grace Fellowship, Anniston