To show he was sent from God

From the book of Malachi to Matthew, there were 400 years called the silent years, where the Old Testament Prophets ceased to speak. From this period came two main religious powers: the Pharisees and the Sadducees.

The Pharisees were legalistic, very religious and did not have the spirit of God. The Sadducees turned away from the strict interpretation of the law, and were liberal and political.

The Bible says that in the fullness of time, God sent his Son, Jesus, who came on the scene when people really needed a Savior. To show the people He was truly sent from God, He performed many miracles.

Jesus healed to fulfill prophecy. It was written in Isaiah 35:5-6, the Messiah would open the eyes of the blind, unstop the ears of the deaf, cause the lame to walk and the tongue of the mute to sing for joy.

In John 11:42, He performed miracles so that they might believe that God had sent Him. In Luke 5:24, He healed a man sick of the palsy to show that He had the authority to forgive sin, thus signifying that He was God. Matthew 14:14 states that Jesus healed the multitude because He had compassion on them and healed their sick.

Jesus’ miracles showed the people that He was the Messiah. They revealed His glory and God’s Kingdom come to earth.

— Winfred Logan, Heart to Heart Ministries 

To inspire faith and compassion

I do not know exactly why Jesus performed miracles, but I do know that if I witnessed Jesus walk on the water, cause a blind person to see and raise Lazarus from the dead, it would cause my heart to quicken and my faith to grow.

Matthew, Mark and Luke tell us that his fame spread because of his miracles. John’s gospel calls them signs and wonders, and their purpose seems to be to increase a follower’s faith and belief.

The pastor in me wonders if Jesus loved so much that his heart was simply broken when he saw suffering and grief and he was moved to do what could to bring healing. Who among us has not wished they had some super power or super tears to relieve the suffering of those we love?

God’s ordinary way of working in the world is not to reverse mortality. Disease, heartbreak, famine, natural and human-caused disasters are part our world. It is a miracle to me that God is at work in the world through the Holy Spirit to strengthen and be with those who go through hardship and to work through people to lessen the pain.

Jesus may have performed miracles because miracles are part of God’s nature. One could easily argue that the stars in the sky, the vastness of the universe, the birth of a child and the beauty of the earth are all miracles. If this is the case, how could God’s Son not perform miracles?

— Dale Clem, First United Methodist Church, Anniston