Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge

Anna Heebsh was one of 10 high school students from Minnesota who spent spring break working on a Habitat for Humanity home in Piedmont.

Last week, students from Totino-Grace Catholic school in Fridley, Minn., headed to Calhoun County for their spring break, something students from the school have done for the past 16 years.

They came ready to work beside contractors, volunteers and a potential new homeowner as part of the Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge, which encourages students to volunteer their time during spring break.

The 10 students spent the week working on a home in Piedmont that is being built for a veteran.

“They engaged in building activities rather than in fun and recreation,” said Amanda Pinson, director of Calhoun County Habitat for Humanity. “They are so nice, polite and hardworking,” she added.

“They are astonished at how much work they can complete in a week’s time,” Pinson said.

The students stayed in dorms at Camp Lee in Anniston. Nearby churches in Piedmont helped provide meals.

One of the student chaperones for the Minnesota students was Lydia Scheiber, a Spanish teacher at the school. It was her first trip with the students.

“I enjoy getting students into the real world, and allowing them to have experiences that affect their way of thinking. They can see a world bigger than the walls of our high school,” Scheiber said.

The Piedmont house is being built through the Veterans Build program. The local Habitat for Humanity office qualified to be an affiliate of the program last year. Not only will the group build houses for veterans, but they will also supply other veterans with volunteer opportunities.

Sherry Kughn is a local freelance writer. Contact her at skughn@hotmail.com.