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Singer-songwriter Leah Belle Faser talks EP release, musical influences and more

leah belle faser

Singer-songwriter Leah Belle Faser released her debut EP “Crossing Hermi’s Bridge” today.

Being a teenager has never been a cakewalk. Finding and occupying oneself can often be an exercise in confusion, heartache and channeling the hidden Holden Caulfield that seems to bully each generation. Couple the constant state of bewilderment with a pandemic and it’s potentially adolescent pandemonium. 

Another avenue might be the one chosen by Leah Belle Faser, an aspiring singer-songwriter and practicing teenager with the tenacity to use solitude wisely and dig for inner inspiration. The Georgia tunesmith has a new EP on the way and is figuring out the roadmap of building a music career (albeit with caution) in the age of COVID-19.