Cowboy Mouth and their enigmatic leader, Fred LeBlanc, will be in Bessemer at Hangarfest on Oct. 5. Their appeal has always been their raucous live show and Fred’s pile driver personality. He’s always been one of the more magnetic people in the music business. I’ve interviewed him in the pas…

Hearing music has more advantages than people realize. It can motivate exercise, decrease anxiety, aid sleeping patterns and generate creative solutions. As members of the Bienville Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution learned recently, music is also useful in bringing history to life.  

Since there’s a big ol’ story about Ken Burns’ new “Country Music” PBS series on this page over there to my left (your right), I thought maybe we could play a game of country music trivia. Here are 10 questions, with answers at the bottom.

Hearing is one thing; really listening is another. Listen closely to the music at next week’s Foothills Piano Festival recital to imagine the images the composers created with their style, and pay close attention to the plot of “Matilda” when the CAST community theater production opens Oct. …

The opening strains of “Lit Up” by Buckcherry blistered many radio speakers and CD players in 1997. Many considered that song, with its tip of the hat to early Stones sleaze rock, a thunderbolt from the rock gods.

Art evolves, as it must, in a self-perpetuating cycle that winds and twists within the mind of the artist and current culture. Purists may decry the blurring of genres and strict guidelines that once defined radio playlists and the confines of physical media.

The harvest in the arts is large this summer. Thankfully, the number of laborers is also large. Due to spring planning and planting of new ideas, there’s a lot happening in entertainment, especially in theater — and soon to come in church music outreach. The events are plentiful. Enjoy the feast!

    Country singer Riley Green, who grew up in Jacksonville, now has a major record deal in Nashville, and is touring the world with Brad Paisley. Here's a look back at some of Riley's performances before he made it big.

    “Sudden Opera,” the new album by Pony Bradshaw, is truly a work of art. Every composition stands on its own; each is also a vital piece of quilt work, with not a sign of musical makeweight in the track listing.

    June is National Smile Month, according to an events calendar I’ve seen. In our area, maybe all of the upbeat music on offer has something to do with that. Events on tap here feature Broadway, classical and sacred melodies. It is that music that will likely bring on the smiles and good will.

    The opening strains of “Framed” brought Chris Knight his first hit single and national acclaim, but the kudos were long overdue. Knight, who grew up in Slaughters, Ky., had been toiling on Music Row for years; he had publishing deals with major songwriting houses long before his voice was he…

    Dylan Leblanc has a new album coming out on June 7. It’s titled “Renegade” and is more stomp than careful whisper. His past recordings were ethereal songs about swings and misses and characters that would have welcomed bad luck instead of their absence of any at all.