“Tracy Flick Can’t Win” is the sequel-of-sorts to “Election,” Tom Perrotta’s wickedly funny look at modern suburban America through a high school political campaign. Now he’s back with another look at perhaps his most iconic character.

“You Have a Friend in 10A” is the first collection of short stories published by Maggie Shipstead, author of “Great Circle,” the New York Times best-selling novel that was also short-listed for the 2021 Man Booker Award.

“Bruno’s Challenge and Other Stories of the French Countryside” is the new addition to Martin Walker’s Bruno, Chief of Police, novels. The collection’s 14 stories center on life in the Périgord, a historical and cultural region in southwest France.

“Trust,” the new novel from Pulitzer-Prize finalist Hernan Diaz, wends its way through four different perspectives of the same events, often bewildering us as we try to sort out which might be the reliable narrative. Each of those narratives is cast as a different genre of storytelling: fict…