No matter what your interests are, there’s likely something new and special for you coming up in September. History and worship intertwine inside the Silver Chapel at McClellan on Sundays for everyone, beginning today. The Calhoun County Stamp, Coin and Collectibles Club welcomes new members, while CAST community theater announces auditions for “Annie.” A class for pet portraits next weekend provides a way to remember happy times with furry friends.

The Silver Chapel, at 545 Buckner Circle at McClellan, is again being used for its original mission: ministering to the McClellan community and now for the general public from 10-11:30 a.m. each Sunday.

The chapel, built between 1933-36, is owned by Harmony Christian Fellowship, a nondenominational church, according to pastor Kenneth Bullard.

“There has been an incredible amount of work going on in the last eight months,” Bullard said of the chapel’s restoration. “But now the chapel has been re-fortified. We are ready; anyone can come to our services.”

The stained glass windows are beautiful, he added, and he especially likes the building’s Spanish Mission style of architecture.

I visited the chapel during the McClellan Centennial celebration and reflected on the many weddings that have taken place there. The interior environment is one of simplicity, although there are some ornate features.

The feeling there is one of reverence. The colorful windows depict the Lamb of God, an opened Bible and a fountain — the symbol of the water of life written about in the book of John, chapter 4.

There will be lessons for children and youth along with the service for adults, Bullard said.

The chapel was named for Horace Percy Silver, a chaplain at United States West Point Academy in 1913.

A club for collectors of all sorts

The Calhoun County Stamp Club has been renamed as the Calhoun County Stamp, Coin and Collectibles Club in order to attract new collectors, according to George Lauderbaugh, the group’s president.

“We know there are collectors in the county. We welcome all who are interested,” he said.

The group meets on the second Tuesday of each month (except December) at 7 p.m. in Brewer Hall, room 123, on the campus of Jacksonville State University. Lauderbaugh can be contacted at 256-453-1018.

The September meeting on Tuesday includes a presentation by Jerry York on collecting postcards. His albums contain hundreds of cards from different periods in history.

But a hobby, if taken seriously, means more than adding to album pages or filling shelves with curiosities. It is a time of discovery, as York well knows.

His cards have led to hours of research because close examination of the illustrations — and correspondence — usually prompt questions.

York has assembled advertising cards (a bright blue 1942 Buick), historic cards (the interior of the Noble Street Theatre taken in 1920), holiday cards and one that really caught his eye, the “Bird Girl,” whom he later learned was a circus performer.

The messages are simple but interesting. One in particular was written in a code.

“Each card is from a fascinating moment in time,” York said. He finds them in antiques and pawn shops and at postcard shows.

It was, in fact, at one of these shows that he met avid collector Pat Hagan, now of Atlanta and a close friend of York’s. Hagan, a former Annistonian, has gathered Model City cards dated from 1895. His most unusual one is a bullet-shaped card sent during World War I.

The collectibles club has three more programs planned — on political campaign buttons, Earth Scape stamps and auto advertisements of the 1920s — through Jan. 9.

CAST auditions for ‘Annie’

The feel-good, well-loved family musical “Annie” will be presented Nov. 16-19 by CAST community theater at the Anniston Performing Arts Center.

The ensemble will include at least 100 people. To be a part of the production, come to auditions (for ages 13 and up) on Tuesday or Thursday night, 6-8 p.m. at Anniston’s First United Methodist Church. There will be signs in the alley behind the church directing you to the exact location.

Children’s roles will be handled through CAST  Kidz.

The show will be directed by Carrie Colton, who also teaches acting and directing at JSU.

“The wonderful thing about this musical, to me, is the actual character of Annie,” Colton said. “That type of positive attitude and optimism is rare in today’s world. Her character is a great example for everyone.”

There will be a separate audition for Sandy the dog at a later time.

For complete information, visit or call CAST’s office at 256-820-2278.

Pet portrait class in Oxford

A lesson on painting a portrait of your pet using a photo will be taught Saturday at 11 a.m. at JC Morgan Gallery, 324 Snow St. in Oxford. Cost is $45, which covers the canvas and other supplies. Angela Sullivan is the instructor. To reserve a place, call 256-223-7784.

Hervey Folsom writes about the local arts scene every Sunday. Contact her at