Music is crucial in the history of Parker Memorial Baptist Church

Parker Memorial Baptist now.

Music in the past, music in the present and, now, music in the future: These cultural advantages are central to Anniston’s story.

This fine art especially shows its presence in the musical offerings of Parker Memorial Baptist Church and in the near- future plans of Etowah Youth Orchestras’ director and conductor Mike Gagliardo and his presentation (if possible) at the Public Library of Anniston-Calhoun County. Also, there is music to be heard in the church services on video during these Sundays.

Duncan Parker

Duncan T. Parker, who established First National Bank in Anniston, was instrumental in the growth of what would become Parker Memorial Baptist Church.

Parker Memorial Baptist historic

Parker Memorial Baptist Church of Anniston was originally called 12th Street Baptist Church.

Parker Baptist Youth Group at Hillside Cemetery

Parker Memorial’s youth group gathered in February for a history lesson at Hillside Cemetery in Anniston.