The opening strains of “Lit Up” by Buckcherry blistered many radio speakers and CD players in 1997. Many considered that song, with its tip of the hat to early Stones sleaze rock, a thunderbolt from the rock gods.

There’s a voice to be heard in quality art exhibits, ballet performances and concerts. In art shows, each work speaks through expression. In ballet, there’s a story to be told. In concerts, the composer’s voice has a definite effect on mind and mood. I’m told that some people do their best t…

Javier Marías is the author of 15 novels and three collections of short stories. His work has been translated into 46 languages. “Berta Isla” was first published in Spain in 2017 and in Britain last year in Margaret Jull Costa’s provocative translation.

Art evolves, as it must, in a self-perpetuating cycle that winds and twists within the mind of the artist and current culture. Purists may decry the blurring of genres and strict guidelines that once defined radio playlists and the confines of physical media.

The harvest in the arts is large this summer. Thankfully, the number of laborers is also large. Due to spring planning and planting of new ideas, there’s a lot happening in entertainment, especially in theater — and soon to come in church music outreach. The events are plentiful. Enjoy the feast!

    Country singer Riley Green, who grew up in Jacksonville, now has a major record deal in Nashville, and is touring the world with Brad Paisley. Here's a look back at some of Riley's performances before he made it big.

    “Sudden Opera,” the new album by Pony Bradshaw, is truly a work of art. Every composition stands on its own; each is also a vital piece of quilt work, with not a sign of musical makeweight in the track listing.

    It may be time to head to the beach or the mountains, but if you stay in town there’s plenty to do. The arts never take a vacation! A painting collection in a log cabin in Saks is one attraction this month, as well as a book signing at Oxford Performing Arts Center on Saturday and a musical …

    The Oxford Performing Arts Center has announced the first 50 events in its upcoming 2019-20 season, which starts Aug. 1-4 with a performance of “Hairspray! The Musical” presented by Foothills Stage Company, OPAC’s new regional theater. The first concert of the new season is country singer Ma…

      The theme of the 2019 Revelers Krewe Ball was “Kick Up Your Boots: Revelers Goes Country.” The Hotel Finial was decorated with western and Mardi Gras decor for the Queen’s Dinner prior to the ball. The 2019 Revelers Queen was Laura Knighton.