Let’s talk about books. What was your favorite (or least favorite) book of 2019? I began and ended 2019 with my favorite detective, Harry Bosch. In “Dark Sacred Night” and “The Night Fire,” Bosch teamed up with graveyard-shift detective, Renee Ballard, to solve cold cases. In both of these b…

I enter each year with open ears and excitement about new music. I’ve worried that I won’t be blown away by new music, but artists haven’t let me down yet. Their work is my reward. Thanks to all the musicians that changed my life the past 12 months.

The hardest job a reviewer probably has is deciding how to structure one of those “Best of the Year” lists. So, how about a few parameters for 2019?

Coming events in entertainment range from fun to festive to reverent. After the New Year, a program on historic highlights of Calhoun County shifts the aura to spooky. You never know what you can find in area arts, but there’s likely something for every preference.

The debate for authenticity in country music rages eternal. Is it “real country” or “pop country”? Is an artist using the right amount of pedal steel? Would Nashville approve? Would Merle, Johnny and Hank give their stamp of approval?

When wintry weather chills the air outside, remember it’s warm inside at events where there’s holiday fare. A Christmas pageant and a concert are scheduled at area churches today, while the Oxford Performing Arts Center is the venue for a dinner theater production of “A Tuna Christmas.”

“Life Undercover: Coming of Age in the CIA” is the astonishing first-hand account of one woman’s literal and figurative initiation into adulthood during her nearly two decades as a member of the CIA. It is also the equally absorbing account of the emotional price she paid by accepting that a…