Spotlight on: Patrick Yim, candlemaker

Patrick Yim

Patrick Yim and his line of candles. Photo by Stephen Gross / The Anniston Star

Patrick Yim owns Yim Creations, an Oxford business originally focused on photography, now specializing in candles. Struggling in the post-graduation job market and contending with the pandemic, Yim channeled his passion for candles into a creative pursuit, launching his candle collection on May 10. To browse the selection of available candles, visit yimcreations.squarespace.com or Yim Creations on Facebook

When did you start Yim Creations and why? I originally started Yim Creations in 2011 as a photography business. It was fairly decent for a while, but I was losing the joy. However, for years I have been in love with candles. People would joke how I should just make my own to save money. I thought, “That wouldn’t be a bad idea!” I gave each of my candles a different color, and they, in essence, make a rainbow. Someone asked me if I did that because I am gay. I laughed, because honestly, that had nothing to do with it. I have just always loved big, bright and bold colors my entire life.