Jessica McCauley
Trent Penny/The Anniston Star

Jessica McCauley is the marketing officer for Noble Bank. The Noble Bank Foundation is hosting the second annual Martha Vandervoort Memorial Golf Classic on Oct. 19. Money raised from the event will be donated to local charitable organizations.

What is your background in banking?

I got my first job at AmSouth Bank in 1999, and I lived in Birmingham until 2007, when I got the job with Noble Bank. I have done everything from consumer lending to mortgage lending to retention management, so that is what all led me to Noble Bank.

Why did you choose to work at Noble Bank rather than another bank?

Noble Bank felt like home from the minute I walked in the door. We are a community bank, and the culture of the bank is family-oriented, and that meets my work ethic. It is important to me that family is first, and we always call ourselves the Noble Bank family. Our board of directors are all business owners or retired business owners from within our community.

What is the benefit of having a locally owned bank?

We can make our decisions here, locally. Our operations are here. Our underwriting officers are here. Our senior management team is here. When a customer walks in with a special financial need, we can sit down and talk through it and see if we can meet that customer’s need; we don’t have to go to New York City or the West Coast.

Did you come here to be the marketing officer?

When I started here, I was the executive assistant to our president and CEO, Anthony Humphries. I also was the marketing coordinator during that time, and I took a full-time marketing officer position three years ago.

How did the Martha Vandervoort Memorial Classic Golf Tournament begin?

Dr. Buddy Vandervoort is one of the members of our board of directors, and his wife was Martha Vandervoort, a legacy in our community. I think everybody knows who she is and what she stood for and all the amazing things she did for our community and those in need in our community. Last year, we decided we wanted to do something to honor her and the things she did by fundraising and giving back to the local charities and organizations she put her heart and soul into. We decided the best way to do that was to form a foundation, so we formed the Noble Bank Foundation, which is a 501c3 nonprofit. The mission of our foundation is to give back to the communities with which we serve by hosting various fundraising events. The first event we established was the Martha Vandervoort Memorial Classic Golf Tournament.

Tell us about the first tournament.

We were able to raise enough money through sponsorships and donations to give back $50,000 to faith-based charities in our community. Martha gave back to local faith-based organizations because it was important to her to keep that money here, so it was important to honor her in this way.

What did Martha Vandervoort mean to our community?

There is so much I want to say about Martha. She had a servant’s heart. Her mission in life was to give herself back to the community in every way she could. She was a leader. She was a role model. She is often referred to as a saint, and I truly believe she was.

Tell us about this year’s tournament.

This year, the tournament is Oct. 19 at Cider Ridge Golf Course in Oxford. We already have 32 four-person teams on board, and our cut-off is around 50 teams. If there are a couple of two-person teams, we may be able to combine them into a four-person team for the tournament.

How do teams sign up for the tournament?

Visit, scroll down to the link to the Noble Bank Foundation, click it, and select the contact button at the top of the foundation’s website to contact me.

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