Dawn Trainer

Dawn Trainer and her dog TinkerBelle. Photo by Stephen Gross / The Anniston Star

Dawn Trainer volunteers with the Jacksonville Arts Council to provide events and artistic outlets for Jacksonville and the surrounding communities. On April 27, the JAC will hold “Fair on the Square” on the Square in Jacksonville. The council is accepting interested vendors through April 16.

Are you originally from the Anniston area? I was born in Opelika, where my parents met while my dad attended Auburn University. War Eagle! I am the proud daughter of a Marine, and I have lived in Florida, Virginia, California and, of course, my favorite, Alabama. I came to Jacksonville at the age of 17 to attend JSU and had a variety of majors ranging from General Studies to Criminal Justice to Deaf Education to Psychology.


What is your professional background? When I lived in Virginia, I volunteered as an Emergency Medical Technician. I miss the rush of working on an ambulance! Currently, I work for my brother’s company part-time and volunteer. My favorite two organizations that I volunteer for are 2nd Chance, as an advocate for assault victims, and the Jacksonville Arts Council.

Tell us an interesting fact about you. More people know my dog than know me. I am usually called “that girl with the dog.” TinkerBelle is a favorite in Jacksonville. She’s a chihuahua our family rescued; she ended up rescuing all of us when I was about to lose consciousness as my sugar dropped too low. She woke up my husband who was napping and frantically made him aware that I was not well. She saved our lives, and she continues to bring joy wherever she goes. She has recently lost her hearing, but as long as she can smell, she can still tell me when my sugar is too high or too low. She is a diabetic alert dog, and she is amazing.

What is the Jacksonville Arts Council? The Jacksonville Arts Council (JAC) was created to coordinate and assist existing cultural activities and to develop new outlets for the arts and humanities within our community.

How did you become involved? I was invited to the Arts Council by a fellow member, and I fell in love with what they were working so hard to do: bring the joy of art to our community.

Tell us about the different events put on by the arts council. In April of every year, we have Fair on the Square, a family-friendly event that includes kids activities, music, food and entertainment. In November, we have Christmas Village — very similar to Fair on the Square except with the delightful addition of Santa Claus. We are also very grateful for those that come and perform music and entertainment. We also try to offer free music events at least once a year, where you can grab a lawn chair and listen. Vendors for Fair on the Square and Christmas Village come from all over to serve our community with their beautiful things. Vendors pay a fee for their space. Proceeds from any of our events go towards donations to schools, scholarships for students, organizing more events that are free to the public, etc. The money collected goes right back into our community.

Can others in the community be involved in the Jacksonville Arts Council? Anyone interested in learning more about Jacksonville Arts Council is welcome to contact us through our Facebook page (“Jacksonville Arts Council”) or call 256-365-1092 for more information.


When is Fair on the Square this year? Fair on the Square will be on April 27 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m., and it is a free event to attend.

Are you still accepting vendors? We currently still have spaces for vendors. Registration is available through April 16. You may find the registration form on our Facebook page, or by calling Nancy at 256-365-1092.

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